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Team Davies takes on the challenge: Two non-cyclists take on London to Brussels via Amsterdam.

Concert on Saturday 12th April 7.30 Huntingdon Male Voice Choir and Soloist Philip Millward (Organ) Tickets: in advance £8 and concessions (£10 on the door) Contact Jean Clark 01480 890033 or click here to send a message.

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Local Press (2012)

Once upon a time ........ What a difference 10 years makes.

Israel and Teresha talk to the local communities about the causes of disability and how SoH can help.

Teresha Clark, originally from Ellington, first visited Uganda in 2002 spending a year with YWAM (Youth with a Mission). She was working in rural Uganda teaching health education alongside an existing healthcare project. Teresha had previously worked in Cambridgeshire with disabled people so was acutely aware of their particular needs and their right to be an accepted part of the community. She was therefore shocked whilst working in the poor rural villages of Uganda, to find that children with disabilities were not being brought to the clinics for treatment or immunisation.

Teresha's passion and determination to address the needs of the disabled children in the Kayunga and Mukono districts of Uganda led her to develop a dedicated project for disabled children called Spring of Hope. Ten years on she is still there.

"Teresha is more African than British" say her parents Jean + Rob, who still live in Ellington. "We knew she would make Uganda her home so it came as no surprise to us when, last year, she married a Ugandan. So ten years on Teresha along with her Ugandan husband, Israel Karahukayo, run the community based rehabilitation organisation. They are expecting their first baby in June 2012.

Teresha herself has some disabilities being both dyslexic and dyspraxic. As a small child she had hearing problems and had a statement of educational needs, so had extra help at school. It was these difficulties and the fact that at times she was teased and bullied that made her determined to do all she could for disabled children who would otherwise be overlooked. Teresha has always been keen to tell young people about her own struggles as she wants to inspire those who sometimes feel they can't do as well academically as others. Her message is that actually they really can contribute to society too.

Together we can make a difference