Real Stories: how lives are changed.

Funding in recent years and work with Spring of Hope Uganda has seen lives change.

Musa who fell out of a mango tree

This is Musa who fell out of a mango tree. The doctors couldn't do anything for him and said he would not walk again. On returning home he was left on a bed and developed horrendous bed sores. Spring of Hope(Ug) have been working with him and his life has changed. Now his bed sores are being maintained; he has a wheel chair and a shoe repair kit to run an income generating business (IGB) of mending shoes. He has been able to buy himself a bed and is planning to buy himself a cow very soon. It is exciting to see that he is becoming an independent young man.

Ouma Lawrence is 3years old

Ouma Lawrence is 3years old. When Ouma was 3 months old it was visible that his head was growing rapidly and the front fontanel was becoming soft and large. No one knew what was going on and the parents became worried and came to the SoHUg office for advice. The mother was told the Lawrence had water on the brain – hydrocephalus. The OT told Mama Lawrence, that the child needed urgent surgery to stop the child’s brain from increasing in size. Instead, the parents decided they did not want to take the child for surgery so they decided to visit other places for a second opinion. Eventually they understood there was no other way to help Lawrence but for Lawrence to have surgery. Lawrence is able to see and hear well, but he is unable to feed himself. Currently he is unable to sit independently and has poor head control when sitting. The SoHUg Team is currently working with Lawrence providing physiotherapy and equipment to help with sitting, feeding and head control. It looks like Lawrence has a great future ahead of him, when you are able to start working with a child from a young age it makes all the difference to what developmental levels the child will achieve.

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